Drowning prevention – Don’t Get In, or Learn to Swim?

As the school holidays approach warnings about summer swimming are surfacing again. But the news is not all bad, negative attitudes are being eroded. Members of the River and Lake Swimming Association in conjunction with the Outdoor Swimming Society are pushing hard on the door to swimming freedom. Attitudes are changing! Just this week a bathing beach opened on Rutland Water allowing people to swim free!


Its true, one swallow doesn’t make a summer and there is still a long way to go. But take a look at the two videos below and you will see how official British attitudes towards outdoor swimming are reflected in the advice given to children.

So there is much room for improvement. But as swimming in rivers and lakes was encouraged in the UK for centuries as a measure to cut drownings, setting an example to the world, can not the teacher now teach himself? The YMCA report that teaching children to swim reduces their drowning risk by 85%.

At least some are now beginning to listen!

Hung Out to Dry – Swimming and British Culture

Outdoor swimming advice for adults and teenagers

Outdoor swimming advice for parents and children

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