Diving into Leicester Lido

Diving into Leicester Lido

Humberstone Lido Opened in Leicester in the mid 1930s at the height of the British sunbathing era. Concerns over water quality sparked a move away from river swimming and the Lido offered clean modern surroundings to an increasingly affluent population.

Bathing in the sunshine was seen to have many health benefits and so Lido’s countrywide enjoyed a hey day of popularity. However attitudes towards swimming outdoors changed and the Lido era came to an end in the seventy’s.

Leicester Lido owner Mr Mark Warrilow said regarding the pool’s closure to swimmers: ‘There are enough indoor swimming pools in the city to cope with people’s needs. Because of inconsistent weather the pool was only being used during a few months of the year.’

Nearly all swimming pools and especially lidos provided diving boards which were for many the main attraction of such pools. This Saturday Olympic Diver Tom Daily appeared on our TV screens as a mentor for celebrity divers in ITV‘s new reality show, Splash!

Inspired though we might be by the 2012 Olympics and by this TV diving show, Leicester has no diving boards from which we might might be tempted to take the plunge.

The lido on Scraptoft Lane (also known as the Trocadero) was closed in 1975 and was from then on used by anglers who surely cannot have enjoyed fishing for rainbow trout in these artificial surroundings.

The pool was demolished some years later and the area has now been turned into a housing estate.


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Humberstone Lido

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