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“Disappointed and Very Concerned” says Jennie Price of Sport England as swimming drops

Updated: Oct 2

Swimming numbers down 245,000 as sport participation falls

The BBC Reports: “Swimming has seen a 245,000 fall in participation numbers over the last year, according to Sport England.

A total of 2.69m people swam at least once a week for 30 minutes between October 2013 and October 2014.

“I am disappointed with these figures,” said Sport England chief executive Jennie Price.

Swimming remains the country’s most popular sport but Price added she was “very concerned” about the drop in numbers.

The outcome of Sport England’s latest survey means the Amateur Swimming Association must wait until March to find out if its funding is affected.

Athletics, Cycling, Football, Rugby Union, Cricket and Netball are rising in popularity, but swimming the country’s number one participation sport is without doubt in decline.

ASA boss Edward Lord said: “There is clearly a major issue here and we will be putting all our resources into finding out both the cause of the fall in participation numbers and in identifying how we can move quickly with our partners to reverse that decline.”

Perhaps a more inclusive attitude towards swimmers would encourage people back into the water!

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