Crumbling Tidal Pools Revived as Wild Swimming Surges.

The Courier reports: Coastal tidal pools, once used by generations of hardy swimmers, are being restored up and down the country, as Gayle Ritchie discovers.

As summer gets into full swing, increasing numbers of folk are stripping off and diving into lochs, rivers and the sea all over the country.

The concept of open-water, or wild swimming, is nothing new – we’ve been doing it for centuries. But as we ease out of the Covid pandemic, the idea of splashing around in the cold, life-affirming waters of Scotland seems to have increased its appeal.

What indeed could be more liberating, especially in just a swimsuit, bikini or pair of trunks?

Those daunted by the prospect of swimming in the open sea, with its associated hazards (undercurrents, rip tides and so on), are embracing the prospect of being able to bathe in coastal tidal pools.

Sadly, most sank into decline decades ago, falling out of favour with swimmers who were lured away by the warm water and sunshine offered by foreign holidays.

In response, many councils closed pools, citing dwindling attendance and crippling refurbishment costs.

But with the recent obsession with swimming outdoors, and nostalgia for a time when summers were spent enjoying the Scottish coastline, there’s been a huge resurgence of interest; folk are keen to see their once-loved tidal pools being revived. Read the full article...