Come on in, the water’s freezing

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From the Guardian Swimming Blog: “I love the “pocket adventure” of swimming in freezing-cold water in your lunch hour. I love the juxtaposition of sitting at a desk in a climate controlled sterile office environment, and the next minute screaming and howling at the cold in a pond, in the middle of a building site. And I love that an hour later I am back at my desk wondering if I dreamt it all up. I love my winter swimming buddies. In reality, outside of a one-hour appointment, once a week, we know next to nothing about one another. But we know that we’re a rare breed, we are made of the same stuff: of a love of the water, of a boldness to step outside of a comfortable life, to be thrilled and challenged, to be chilled to our cores and warmed with laughter and camaraderie. To be legends in our own lunchtimes.” More…

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