Brave the Cold and Take a Dip on the Wild Side

From Visit Scotland: In recent years wild swimming has become quite the topic in wellness conversations and, many people have taken to the UK’s cold waters to try their hand at this sport. Swimming has long been known for its physical benefits like increased muscle strength and fitness levels. But recently, the topic has switched to discussing the general wellbeing and wellness benefits of swimming: particularly, wild swimming.

By escaping the constraints of a chlorinated pool and stepping into nature’s very own, you will undoubtedly feel a sense of calm wash over you – once you’re accustomed to the cold chill of the water, that is. To encourage more people to get out to their local seascape and brave the dip, here are just a few ways you can improve your wellness through the healing powers of wild swimming.

If you’re new to wild swimming, remember to also seek guidance from someone with experience and never do on your own, before you dip your toe in the water.

Activate your fight or flight

Wild swimming in cold, crisp waters forces our bodies to enact our fight or flight response. When this happens, your body will release adrenaline and glucose and fats into your bloodstream - getting those endorphins flowing and improving your overall well-being.

Free your mind

By submerging ourselves in cold waters, we are forcing ourselves to pay attention to how we are breathing – a meditation technique often associated with mindfulness practices. Not only does wild swimming improve our physical fitness, but our mental well-being too.

Improve your immune system

When we submerge in cold water, our bodies will instantly kick start our immune systems, which in turn will strengthen them!