Birmingham City Council Let The Genie Out Of The Bottle

Open water swimming Birmingham City Council

A shock decision by Birmingham City Council to turn its back on a decades old bylaw prohibiting outdoor swimming in the cities lakes and ponds, may see the genie out of the bottle for open water swimmers.


Several requests have been made over the years to allow swimmers to train and compete in the waters of Birmingham parks but the bylaw was always cited as a prohibition. Councilor Martin Mullaney stated: “When I was told of the possibility of a triathlon event at Sutton Park, I was also informed it was impossible because of a long-standing ban on open water swimming. I found the situation ridiculous. As a result my officers have now found a way to allow registered swimming clubs to open water swim in our numerous ponds and reservoirs in our parks.” 

Birmingham’s Sutton Park may soon see swimmers return to its waters and at the same time questions asked as to why the prohibition on open water swimming was imposed in the first place. If you have not done so already, why not read Hung Out to Dry and discover why outdoor swimmers have suffered so many years of prejudice.

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