Bigger, Better and its Back! Rutland Water Bathing Beach

Robert Aspey Rutland Water Bathing Beach

The bathing beach is back again this year with an improved infrastructure.

Ever popular with family’s and young children the paddling area is being closely monitored by lifeguards with specialist training. Deeper water in the swimming zone near the buoy line means that their is something for everyone.

Rutland Water Bathing Beach

This life-guarded swimming oasis boasts a sandy beach and warm clear water. It stands as a beacon of best practice, a shining example that could be replicated country wide if only local authorities and water companies could face up to and overcome their current prejudice towards outdoor swimmers. Nearby in Stamford the council swimming facilities included a river swimming area at Stamford Meadows.

Stamford Meadows Bathing Place

For those of us who have traveled in Europe and America, bathing beaches on rivers and lakes are the rule rather than the exception. This may surprise those who assume that its the American litigation culture that has seeded opposition to river and lake swimming through risk aversion. Outdoor swimmers have a much easier time in America!

If we are going to make prejudice and discrimination history, we must first understand the history of prejudice against swimmers.

Why not visit Rutland Water Bathing Beach this year?

Take a look at the swimmers list of ASA approved bathing places  from 100 years ago on the Hung Out to Dry website.

Opening hours for the beach are as follows:

Wed – Fri 11am-3pm   Sat- Sun 10am-6pm

May open 7 days a week during school holidays.

Best to phone if traveling far as can be weather dependent 01780 686800

Visit the Rutland Water Beach webpage.

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