Better Health For Children Who Swim

Better Health For Children Who Swim

SWIMMING is great for burning calories, improving your muscular infrastructure and helping children sleep reports The Star.

Mum Victoria, 39, who lives near Norfolk Park in Sheffield has been taking both her children swimming  since they were babies. and their early training had set them up for life.

“I took Daniel swimming from him being ten weeks-old because as a baby he wouldn’t settle so I wanted to tire him out. He would want feeding every hour for 24 hours and I was desperate for some rest.”

Victoria continued to take Daniel – who’s now 15 – swimming and when her daughter, Olivia – now 12 – was born three years after Daniel, Victoria did the same with her, taking her to regular classes from being a baby.

Those early swimming sessions meant that Victoria’s children developed more blood vessels, which meant that future exercise – even after periods of no exercise, would be much easier, as blood vessels pump oxygen to the muscles.

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