Are Urinating Swimmers Killing Fish?

Do not urinate when swimming

Fishermen in Germany blame wild swimmers for a depletion of fish stocks, claiming that swimmers urinate  whilst in the water.

German officials have banned swimmers from Eichbaum Lake while studying the link  between fish death and public urination.

It is true that human urine acts like a fertiliser which encourages the growth of algal blooms. These blooms deplete oxygen levels in lakes and can lead to fish deaths. However the most likely cause of the deaths seems to be ice skating.

The noise made by skaters awakens fish out of hibernation and can lead to death.

Even so all swimmers are advised not to urinate whist swimming either in a swimming pool or in a natural body of water. Ecologists warn visitors not to urinate when they visit Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for fear that algae blooms will kill the coral. 

We can show consideration for the natural world by leaving nothing behind when swimming in the wild. More...

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