Appeal to British Parents: Teach Your Children to Swim!

Swimming Lessons Essential

10% of children in the UK experience an accident in the water due to a lack of swimming experience.

40% cent of children in Britain cannot swim.

50% of parents do not believe learning to swim is an important life skill.

60% of parents are worried about their children drowning due to poor swimming skills.

75% of British children have never had any swimming instruction whatsoever.

Results of a survey commissioned by Speedo as reported in the Telegraph.

The Facts:

Teaching children to swim quickly and effectively in a pool is a step in the right direction. Real life experience swimming in rivers, lakes and sea is a potential life saver.

In our self-conscious society if children are not taught to swim before they leave primary school it is very unlikely that they will ever learn.

Swim Safe for children

Swim Smart for teenagers

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