Afterglow: A Beautiful Video of Wild Swimming in Icy Mountain Lakes of Snowdonia

Afterglow: A Beautiful Video

The Daily Post reports: When snow envelops the Welsh mountains, and ice forms across upland lakes, most people would pull their coat collars a little tighter and head inside for warmth.

Vivienne’s swimming obsession, which began in childhood and endured into adult life, has now been documented by the Eyes & Ears group of filmmakers from London.

For their beautifully shot short film, called Afterglow, they followed her for three days to capture the essence of wild swimming in Snowdonia’s frigid lakes, from snowy Llyn Idwal to serene Llyn Padarn. “Vivienne is remarkable,” said director Tommaso Di Paola. “She was shivering for about three hours afterwards. Did I go in? No, but now I wish I had.” Watch Now…

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