A Refreshing Attitude Towards River Swimming

Much has recently been said about safe river swimming. Its easy to think that when it comes to safety standards the British kite-mark is and always should be the standard. But if we take a look at attitudes in Switzerland, we find that swimming freedom is experienced throughout the country.

River Swimming in Basel
River Swimming in Basel

Visitors to Basel are encouraged to try a special leisure activity that brings exceptional enjoyment – a swim in the Rhine. It is often said that the Mediterranean seems very close to the city, and If you mix with Basel’s inhabitants you will soon discover why. You can take a dip in the Rhine at any time during the summer months.

Wild Swimming in Switzerland Basel

I have decided to take a closer look at this remarkable country and visit as many swimming places as possible. I will be looking at how safety concerns are addressed and at what can be learned from the Swiss in the swim and report on my findings in the Autumn.

Summer is coming so come on Britain let’s go swimming!

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