4ft Crocodile in the River Thames?

64-year-old Richard Smith reports seeing a crocodile in the River Thames at Reading.

“I was cycling on my own and I saw what I thought was a bough of a tree with four stubby branches on it close in to the bank. As I got closer I saw it was a crocodile… about 4ft long. I got off my bike and ran back to where it was, but it had gone.”

This is the second sighting on the Thames and although experts think it unlikely that a crocodile could overwinter in England other exotic species have been found.

A Sea lamprey – an eel-like creature with a sucker-shaped mouth packed with teeth – in 2009.

A bottle-nose whale weighing seven tonnes  in 2006.

A non-native piranha in 2004.

Its hoped that if Crocodile Dundee comes to our rescue he will not be arrested by the Port of London Authority for swimming in the Thames!

4ft crocodile in the River Thames?

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