The 1912 Amateur Swimming Association  directory for swimmers in England listing: Indoor swimming baths, lidos, swimming lakes, swimming rivers, and seaside swimming facilities...



Bath. The small size of the swimming pool can be seen from this photograph of a Fitzmaurice Grammar School swimming competition in about 1965. The width only allowed for four lanes and there was no walkway around one of the long sides. Despite the “no diving” sign on the balcony, it did happen. The water only changed infrequently and dropping charges reflected the increasingly dirty water.

Bradford-on-Avon Baths Swimming History
Bradford Swimming History


Bath. Open-air. Lido.

Clane Baths Swimming History

River Avon. Historic wild swimming venue.

Well maintained swimming facilities were built on a backwater of the river Avon by Chippenham swimming club founded in 1877. 'The Baths'; tiled with diving boards and water polo facilities were used up until river swimming was stopped by the council in 1948 due to concerns over water quality. You can still see the ironwork of the diving stage at Long Close on the site used today by the Sea Cadets.

Swimmers were moved out of the river and confined to the Devizes outdoor swimming pool. Then in 1960 a riverside outdoor pool was built in Chippenham but this has now gone, as has the river which has been moved and changed beyond recognition.

CHIPPENHAM River Bathing Place History
Monkton Park Swimming Pool c1960, Chippenham Swimming History

Public Bath, Canal. Historic wild swimming venue. Devizes Swimming Club was formed in June 1896, meeting at the “Bathing Place” which was actually in the Kennet and Avon canal behind The Black Horse on Bath Road (near lock 24). The boundary of the pool was made of corrugated iron sheets above the water with wire netting below, allowing free flow of water and an interesting collection of native canal-life such as leeches etc..

Devizes Canal Bathing Place Swimming History

River, Pewsey Road. Historic wild swimming venue.

MARLBOROUGH Swimming History River Bathi
MARLBOROUGH River Bathing Place Swimming
River. Historic wild swimming venue.
Melksham River Swimming History
Salisbury Swimming club was formed in 1889, and from this time up until the early 1930’s swimming took place in the river close to the Bishops Mill and at Harnham. It then moved to the Victorian baths in Rollestone Street which have now been demolished.
Salisbury’s first public swimming bath.j
Public Bath, Farringdon Road.
Marlborough Road, Coate Water, Diving Stage Swimming History
Swindon Public Bath, Farringdon Road Swimming History
Coate Water Diving Boards Wild Swimming History
River, Blackball.
Trowbridge Bathing Place Swimming History
Public Bath, Church Street.
Originally it consisted of a bathing pool and ten individual baths with water supplied by Bitham spring. Mr Laverton broke the mould of workhouse masters and Victorian working conditions supplying his employees a place to socialise, wash and have fun.
Westbury Church Street Baths Swimming History
River, Smallbrook. Historic wild swimming venue.
Warminster Smallbrook Bathing Place Swimming History
Martins Swimming Pools Wokingham Wiltshire
Martins Swimming Pools Wokingham Wiltshire Swimming History
Outdoor Swimming in Britain - History