The 1912 Amateur Swimming Association  directory for swimmers in England listing: Indoor swimming baths, lidos, swimming lakes, swimming rivers, and seaside swimming facilities...



Sea. Historic wild swimming venue.

Anderby Swimming History


Public Bath, Ladies' bath separate.

The Old Swimming Baths Boston Swimming History

Public Bath, Sea. Historic wild swimming venue.

Cleethorpes Lido  Swimming History
Cleethorpes - Beachcomber Swimming Pool

Publice Bath, Lea Road.


In 1881 when employment was scarce the Lea Road Baths opened in Gainsborough. The Council employed local men to build the facility which became the first publicly owned baths in Lincolnshire, and one of the very first in the Country.


Mr Jack Hinch, a well known Gainsborough man, was Superintendant for 28 years, still in office when the Lea Road Pool closed on September 15th, 1973.


The baths were really in two parts: firstly the "slipper baths" where one basically hired a bathroom for half an hour. The second half of the building was occupied by the swimming bath which measured 25 yards by 10, and varied in depth from three feet (shallow end) to six feet at the deep end. The building was demolished in April/May 1978. More...


Lea Rd Baths Gainsborough Swimming History

Public Bath, Little Gowerby. Ladies, 10 to 12 daily, and two free days.

Water Polo Player

Public Bath, Orwell St.

Orwell Street Baths Grimsby North Lincolnshire
Grimsby Dolphins Swimming Club, pictured at Orwell Street Baths in Grimsby

Public Bath, higher Grade School. Public three days a week.

Youngsters from Grimsby schools who took part in the first ASA schools swimming proficiency awards trials at the Orwell Street Baths, Grimsby

Public Bath.

Great Grimsby Swimming HIstory

River Witham and Brayford. Historic wild swimming venue.

Water Polo Players
Mablethorpe Sea Swimming History
Swimming Exhibition Mablethorpe Wild Swimming History
Bathing Basin Mablethorpe Swimming History
Swimming Basin Mabelthorpe History

Public Bath.

Sea Swimming and Bathing Machines History North Sands Skegness
Bathers on the beach at Skegness. Bating Machines History
Skegness Lido and Children's Pool History
Skegness Bathing Pool Swimming History
Skegness Lincolnshire Wild Swimming History
Polo Match at Skegness Bathing Pool
Skegness Bathing Pool and Fountain
Skegness Lido History
Butlin's Skegness Outdoor Swimming Pool
Butlins Holiday Camp Skegness
Butlin's Skegness indoor Swimming pool

River (private). Historic wild swimming venue.

Kids Playing in Water

River. Historic wild swimming venue.

Open Bathing Place Regulations Stamford Swimming History
River Bathing at Stamford Meadows
Stamford Bath House
Wisbeach Open Air Swimming Baths
Outdoor Swimming in Britain - History