The 1912 Amateur Swimming Association  directory for swimmers in England listing: Indoor swimming baths, lidos, swimming lakes, swimming rivers, and seaside swimming facilities...



Private Bath, high Street. Y.M.C.A. gymnasium in winter.

Barne YMCA Swimming Baths History


Private Bath, Berkhampstead School. 

BERKHAMPSTEAD School Baths History

Public Bath, Whiteall Road.

Learning to go underwater

Private Bath, College. Private.

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Church End
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Batford swimming pool.

Before Harpenden gained a swimming pool the Urban District Council constructed a children's paddling pool at the Marquis Lane playing-field. It was fed with spring-water from the old cress-beds. 

Batford swimming pool Hisory

Public Bath, Boxmoor. 1840 Two existing clay ‘puddling pits’ adjacent to canal fenced off and screened from the public for use as swimming pools by Mr Sandars. The pools’ water was untreated and unheated canal water and included fish and other wildlife. There were two pools situated end to end - a public bath open free of charge to males and a private bath for women. 1892 Sides and base of private bath cemented. Public bath remains ‘as built’. 1907 Children allowed to use the baths on Saturday mornings. More...

Puddling Pits Boxmoor Baths Hemel Hempsted Swimming History

Public Bath, Queen St.

Hitchin to celebrate 80 years of its Outdoor Swimming Pool



The first outdoor pool in Letchworth opened in 1908. However, due to the water which grew murkier as the summer went on (it was filled with water from the Pix Brooks), it was replaced by a new pool on the North Common in 1935.

Letchworth Lido Swimming Pool 1953
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Public Bath, near Ebury hall. Open-air. Lido.


Public Bath, Cotton Mill Lane. Lido.

The open-air swimming baths in Cottonmill Lane were opened on 29 July 1905 on the site of the old cotton mill. However, bathing in the river took place long before the baths were built. There was a bathing facility established on the site in 1883. The baths then were part of the river. The banks of the river were lined with wooden planks in an area which had a suitable depth for swimming. The bathers,changed on the riverbank and a hut was constructed to give them some privacy. Diving took place from a concrete platform. More...

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Ware Lido Hertfordshire Swimming History

Public Bath, Five Arches. A splendid open-air bath and good accommodation. Lido.

Watford Swimming and Water Polo Club was established in 1901 and the Club can trace it's origins back to the 1800's. More...

On Friday 31 October 1930 in the Britsh Legion Headquarters a public enquiry was held into the building of a swimming pool in Welwyn Garden City. There were residents present who were for and against the scheme and some of the remarks were of a lively nature. The loan required for the scheme would be £14,500 which would include a filtration plant. There was a debate concerning the extra charge on the rates that would come from the running and upkeep of the pool, and also the fact that 50 men would be employed over the five months that it would take to build. The pool itself was “being planned as near as possible in the geographical centre of the town. Its site is sheltered by a stretch of oak woodland in which a suffient clearance will be made to admit full sunshine at all times of the day. More...

Bathing in River BusLea Welwyn Garden Cityy Arches 1890 Swimming History
Bathing in River Lea Welwyn Garden Cityy Arches Swimming History
Swimming Pool Lido 1933
Location plan Swimming Pool
Bathing Place Watford