The 1912 Amateur Swimming Association  directory for swimmers in England listing: Indoor swimming baths, lidos, swimming lakes, swimming rivers, and seaside swimming facilities...




Bath. Soldiers only.

Aldershot, North Camp Gymnasium And Swimming Baths 1905 Swimming History


Sea, Stokes Bay. Historic wild swimming venue.

Stokes Bay, Swimming from the beach Swimming History


PUBLIC Bath, Adelaide Road.

Learning to Swim

Bath. Open-air. Lido.

Lordsfield Swimming Club - 1960's Gala

Sea and Bath, Pier approach. Used by ladies. Historic wild swimming venue.

Sea Bathing Westcliffe Bournmouth
Bournmouth Swimming History
Beach and Bathing Houses Bournmouth
Bournemouth Bathing Machines Swimming History

Sea and River. Facilities plentiful. Historic wild swimming venue.

Wild swimmers Sea Bathing Colwell Bay
Christchurch's first public swimming pool

Sea. Historic wild swimming venue.

The Bathing Place Cowes Swimming History

Public Bath.

lymington sea water baths date back to 1833

Public Bath. Sea accommodation. Historic wild swimming venue.

Portsmouth Swimming Club.jpg
Gosport Lido Hampshire
Boys swimming HMS St Vincent, Gosport, Hampshire
Portsmouth Swimming Club.jpg
  'The pond was superseded by Hilsea Lido when it opened in 1935 and was eventually demolished. Stamshaw Park replaced it, which today is an excellent amenity for local children.'
Hilsea Lido Bathing Pool
Portsmouth Swimming History

Before 1937, when Romsey was first provided with a swimming pool, the only way to swim in Romsey was in one of the rivers.

There was an official bathing place in the Fishlake, but this was for boys and men only.

In 1928 Councillor Rowledge raised concerns that some bathers ‘came out of bounds without proper dress’ and said ‘it was disagreeable to people taking walks in that district’. Councillor A.H. Mitchell replied that spot had been a bathing place for 50 years and added that they could not stop boys going beyond the boundary because there was a public footpath there. He pointed out that at the seaside bathers had all manner of strangers crowded round them, ‘ladies and everyone else’. He added that ‘in his younger days if a lad had a bathing costume on, they took it off him and threw it in the water’.

Stories have also been told of swimmers dancing about naked to enrage the Timsbury policeman and when he crossed the field to chastise them, they would dive into the water and swim away. More...

Fishlake Bathing Place Romsey Swimming History
Fishlake Bathing Place Romsey Swimming History
Sea, Beach and pier. Historic wild swimming venue.
Ryde Beach Swimming History
Sea. Historic wild swimming venue.
Sea Bathing Shanklin Isle-of-White History
Sea Bathing Sandown Isle of White
Small Hope Shanklin Sea Bathers wild swimming history
Sandown Bathing Machines and Beach
Sea Bathing at Sandown Isle-of-White
Bathers on the Beach Shanklin Isle of White
Public Baths. Lido.
There had been an open air public baths on the site since 1854 owned by Southampton Public Baths and Wash House Company. In 1890 it was bought by the Corporation and rebuilt, which included indoor ladies' and gents' pools at the front of the premises. More...
Southampton Lido Swimming History
Sea. PORTSMOUTH Club stages. Separate stages for ladies and gents. Mixed bathing. Historic wild swimming venue.
Southsea Beach Wild Swimming History
Southsea Swimming History
River, Garnier Road. Charge for private dressing shed. Historic wild swimming venue.
St Catherines Hill Bathing Plce Winchester Swimming History
Winchester Open Air Swimming Pool 1903
Boys Sea Bathing Southsea
Southsea Beach and Bathing Machines
Hampshire Southsea swimming pool 1950s.
Gunner's Hole Winchester Swimming History
Gunner's Hole Today - Thanks to Gareth!
Gunners Hole Winchester Swimming History
Yarmouth swimming history Isle of White