The 1912 Amateur Swimming Association  directory for swimmers in England listing: Indoor swimming baths, lidos, swimming lakes, swimming rivers, and seaside swimming facilities...



River Torridge. Club owns large portion. Historic wild swimming venue.

ALTRINCHAM ​  Public Bath, Stamford Road.


Sea. Historic wild swimming venue. Lido.



Public Bath, Plymouth Road. Lido.

BUCKFASTLEIGH. Public Bath, Plymouth Road.

Sea. Pavilion owned by club. Historic wild swimming venue.

The Castle Bathing Cove Dartmouth Devon

Sea. Splendid accommodation. Historic wild swimming venue.


Sea. Mount Wise. Historic wild swimming venue. Lido.


Private Bath, Royal Naval Barracks.

Natural Bathing Pool and Sea Bathing Mount Wise Devonport.

Public Bath, High Street.

Just above Head Weir, there was a bathing place that was used from the early nineteenth-century, or before. The City Council took responsibility for it from 1864 when they appointed James Baker as the first bathing ground superintendent at a cost of 18s per week. In the same year the area was tarmacked. Later improvements to the bathing ground were made, with wooden slats for bathers to stand on after they left the water, pans of clean water for washing feet, and in 1877, fifteen bathing huts, at a cost of £56.

During September of 1872 a swimming match was run, to became an annual event. By 1883, 80 guineas was offered in prizes. Shooter won a Silver Medal for Bravery, and was feted by the City Council, when he saved a young boy who fell into the river above Head Weir and was swept into the upper leat. The leat by this time was covered, so Shooter had to swim along a dark tunnel until he found the boy, to emerge in the open just below Engine Bridge. (from Exeter Memories)

Open Air Bathing - Head Weir - Exeter
Exeter Lafrowda Swimming Pool University of Exeter

Sea, Dock. Club owns two pavilions. Historic wild swimming venue.

Exmouth Swimming History: Sea, Dock. Club owns two pavilions. Historic wild swimming venue.

Publich Bath, Ilfracombe Hotel.

The Tunnels Bathing Cove and tidal Pool Ilfracombe Wild Swimming History

River Lemon. Historic wild swimming venue.


Sea, off Pier. Also at Goodrington Sands. Historic wild swimming venue.

Bathing Tents Paignton Devon Swimming History

Sea. Bath wanted. Historic wild swimming venue. Lido.

Read the history of Plymouth Hoe

Bathers under Plymouth Hoe Christmas Morning Swimming History
Ladies Bathing Pool Plymouth Hoe early 1900s
The Water slide Plymouth Hoe Swimming History
Devon Swimming History Plymouth
Plymouth Hoe Sun Bathing Terraces
Tinside Lido Plymouth
Swimming Pool 2008, Admiralty Road, Plymouth, dating from the 40s or 50s.
Sea. Treacherous bathing. Historic wild swimming venue.
Sea Bathing Sidmouth, Swimming History.
River. Historic wild swimming venue.
Outdoor Swimming in Britain - History
Public Bath, near Station.
Private Bath, Kelley College.
Kelley College Swimming History
Sea. Bigger bath wanted. Historic wild swimming venue.
Kelley College Swimming History
Teignmouth Bathing Beach and Bathing Machines Swimming History
Teignmouth Sea Bathing Beach
Tiverton River Swimming Race 1949
Long Sands, Tynemouth was opened in 1925, now abandoned
Sea. Bath badly wanted. Historic wild swimming venue.
Sea Swimming Torquay Corbyn Head
Wild Swimming and Bathing Machines - Anstey's Cove Torquay
Public Bath. Sea. Historic wild swimming venue.
Westward Ho near Bideford this renovated pool has been in existence for 120 years
Swimming Pool Westward Ho
Wollacombe Bathing Beach Devon

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