The 1912 Amateur Swimming Association  directory for swimmers in England listing: Indoor swimming baths, lidos, swimming lakes, swimming rivers, and seaside swimming facilities...



Public Bath, James Street.

Carlisle Baths James Street Swimming History
Lake Derwant Water. Good sheds. Historic wild swimming venue.
Keswick Bathing Place Lake Derwent Swimming Hstory
Sea. Open beach. Historic wild swimming venue.
Maryport Beach Bathing Place Swimming Hisory

Sea. Historic wild swimming venue. Lido.

Oversands Lido Swimming History

River. Historic wild swimming venue.

The club was originally based at Frenchfield in the River Eamont. Training sessions originally involved great variations of conditions that challenged the skills of any swimmer. Icy water, strong currents and obstacles like weed and the odd eel or two provided the ultimate test of stamina. It was all a far cry from conditions for today’s training sessions, held four nights a week at Penrith Leisure Centre.

Still at the original site of Penrith Swimming Club the old diving-board is at the water’s edge where the original pool use to be. Many local people still have fond memories of ‘gan dooken’ here on warm summer evenings in the 1950s and 60s.

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Penrith Swimming History Bathing Place

Public Bath. Duke Street.

WHITEHAVEN Baths Swimming History.jpg

Public Bath.

Wigton Baths Swimming History
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