The 1912 Amateur Swimming Association  directory for swimmers in England listing: Indoor swimming baths, lidos, swimming lakes, swimming rivers, and seaside swimming facilities...


Cygnet River Swimming Baths, Amersham.
Cygnet River Swimming Baths, Amersham.

Public Bath, Bourbon Street.

Aylesbury Bourbon Street Baths Swimming

Public bath, The Moor. Public open-air bath. Lido.

Chesham Moor Swimming Pool. Lido.

The first written reference to swimming on the moor was in 1898. In 1912 the first swimming pool was erected and in 1933 it had a facelift which included improvements to the pool and its surroundings such as changing cubicles. In 1964 the whole building was reconstructed and the pool was made deeper and on completion, re-opened by Councillor Bill Moulder who, in 1912 had been one of the first to swim in the original pool. More...

CHESHAM. ​  ​  Public bath, The Moor. Public open-air bath. Lido.

Public Bath, Rye Mead. Very poor bath.


Holywell Mead Swimming Pool. Lido.


There had been a public pool on The Rye since Roman times - you can find more information at the newly opened Romans exhibition at Wycombe Museum.

Holywell Mead Swimming Pool High Wycombe

River Thames. Private. Historic wild swimming venue.

Marlow Bathing Place Swimming History

River Lovat. Historic wild swimming venue.

Boys Bathing at Newport Pagnell Bathing Place
Stoney Stratford, Milton Keynes
"The Mill Field was where I used to go swimming. Where the weir is now. At one time it was just the river but Mr Charlie Woollard he was a sort of benefactor, he put up a shed for the girls and just a sort of open lean-to for the boys. But the boys and girls weren't allowed down there at the same time. We used to swim from the floodgates down by the Mill down to the Calverton Road bathing place and back."
Swimming Lessons - Stoney Stratford, Milton Keynes
Wild Swimming History