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I love to swim in the great outdoors, the cool water, the scenery and the adventure of discovering new places to swim. Yet as a child I was constantly reminded of the danger of swimming in rivers and lakes. With my ears I heard the warning but with my eyes I saw only joy on swimmers faces and no hint of harm ever coming to them.

 Chris Ayriss River and Lake swimming

When the late Roger Deakin put Waterlog into print I was already writing the wild swimmers history; Hung Out to Dry. Disturbed by the wealth of swimming restrictions in my home city of Leicester, I decided to investigate the motive for discrimination and the prejudice wild swimmers were facing.

I lost the ability to read at the age of eight, the result of concussion and the vinegar and brown paper treatment of the sixties. The combination of dyslexia and learning again how to read kept me out of grammar school and led me along a non academic path. In fact Hung Out to Dry began in an adult literacy class and its research and writing has been a great challenge. Once written my troubles really began as I discovered just how hard it is to find a publisher, yet even when an offer was secured, the cost of reproducing the photographs, many of which come from the Hulton Getty archive, meant that I would be out of pocket to the tune of thousands of pounds even if the book sold well. In the end I decided to publish it myself, and with help Hung Out to Dry is finally in print.

I am delighted that you have read this far into my webpage. Thank you for visiting and for your interest in wild swimming and British culture. There are many around the world that share my passion for swimming in the great outdoors, and I thank everyone that has taken the plunge, bought my book and shared in my discoveries. I hope you decide to join them. Buy-now

"...the whole story makes for a fascinating social history." Bristol Evening Post


"Superb" Daniel Start author of Wild Swimming


"...a thought-provoking and stimulating book, written in an accessible, direct and conversational style ...of interest to every outdoor swimmer." Outdoor Swimming Society










No Swimming or Jumping - Abbey Park Leicester
 The History of Outdoor or Wild Swimming